How We Work

It starts with you… 

Our Approach

The Purposeful Coaching Journey consists fundamentally of four stepping stones, oriented in two directions. 

The path begins with you, and a reflection of what you have and what you desire. 

 Using these insights as a starting point, we turn outward, and explore what of that the world needs, and what people consider valuable - and how you can best serve!

 And then we look what options this opens up for you - either in the form of WHAT you do, or HOW you do what you. 

And even before the current trend toward distance work gained momentum, we were well set up to carry out our work both face-to-face, and in a virtual environment, using a variety of multi-media tools. 

And we can do this in several languages (English, German, Polish, French), hopefully one of which talks to you, too… 

The Way of Ikigai

Coaching with Ikigai

   Following the basic outline of Ikigai's four pillars 

What am I good at?

What do I love?

What does the world need?

What will people reward me for?

    we help you identify where YOUR path will take you next...

Your Strengths

In our role as certified Strengths Coaches®, we use the Clifton StrengthsFinder, or other suitable instruments such as the MBTI or Insights, to help you identify your talents, and then work with you to leverage them as strengths. 

Your Passions

When we do what we love, time loses all meaning, and we tap into a boundless source of power. 


Fulfilling a greater sense of purpose is a powerful intrinsic motivator. Having explored what resources are available to you, we look to see what needs are out there which they could address.


Finally, we help you figure out how to make this into a viable business proposition. How can you position your added value in a way that people appreciate it and are willing to reward you for it.


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