Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

We are just starting out, so we don’t actually have any testimonials about Personal Purpose Coaching yet… 

… but we have been doing what we do for a long time, and can share with you what people have been saying about us, or the feedback we’ve gotten over the last two decades… 

What they do, works!

Can highly recommend Michael. I still refer to the training
I did with him 3+ years ago.

- David, Category Manager (Wolverhampton)

A valued partner

Michael is a unique gifted individual who can get to the core of any issue through patient probing and keen insight.

He is one of the brightest and most sensitive people that I know and I would feel very comfortable putting in front of any team, no matter how difficult to work with.

He has also has a wry but wicked sense of humor and actually knows his way around a Mac!

I feel privileged to know and work with him.

- Jeremy, Diversity Coach and Global Facilitator (Kigali)


- The Global Community Dialogue (Oaxaca)

Long term impact… 

… it’s been quite some time, but what I learned from you has stayed with me.
15 years later, I can still see the impact you had on me…   

- Martin, Managing Director (Bavaria)


Global Performance Improvement oHg

Formbachstr. 3/277

Reichelsheim, Germany

Call +49 173-66-76-982

Mail info@personalpurpose.eu

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